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So I haven't been happy with PM Dr. from the start but don't know how to find a new Dr. who specializes in RSD and takes workman's comp in my area. Can someone review my questions and see if I am right or wrong?

I have right arm and neck RSD-I am fairly certain it has spread to my foot-all the signs are there-ice cold-burning-shooting pains. So I said I think this has spread to my foot is this possible? The answer I got from PM DR. was no unless you were in a full body accident this is not possible.

Next question-Meds-The Dr. said I am putting you on Lyrica. I voiced concerns because of weight gain, he said okay then I will put you on Neurotin. I said besides the weight gain which is better. He said they are the same. Then I did research and pretty much found out weight gain is about the same with both and Lyrica is better because it releases slower and you take less meds, plus you aren't as sleepy-am I accurate? Also, beyond both there is a new drug in the neurotin family that is better then both and a slower release, but I wasn't give this option because of Workman's Comp.

Other question. I still have tendonitis in thumb and wrist-I was told it may just be RSD, and asked other then my current meds-Gabapentin, Cymbalta, and Naproxen there is nothing more I can do-I may just have to live this way. Isn't there a lot more I can do? Nerve blocks, Ketamine, and maybe some pain meds that work for a flare.

Also, in three months I have had three Rx mess-ups with the pharmacy-either not being sent or writing the amounts wrong-and what if I wasn't on top of this? Scarry.

One more question-does anyone else have to drug test everytime they see the PM DR.? I find this demeaning and I only got them to stop-I showed them the bottle of Norco and said look-I took two and they do nothing for nerve pain. They also said that was the only pain med they could give me.

So am I wrong in looking for another Dr.? Sorry I know this has kind of a negative tone-I am just frustrated. I was a Healthcare provider-- things should not be so demeaning, and If you don't know the anwers-don't give one's that are wrong.

Please share your knowledge-Thanks, J

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