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god i feel soo badly for the both of you. thankfully i have not had too many bad issues with my feet, but HAVE had and still have a whoppin type of spasms more due to spinal cord injury. if you use the epsom salts,and are also getting any spasms in the lower torso, and not "just' your feet, take an actual 'soak' in a tub with your legs also under that water too. it DOES readily absorb right directly into the muscles so doing it that way works much better than 'only' your feet.

one good product out there that is supposed to work really well for this type of really hard/cracked skin is 'aquaphor"(sp)? this just really helps to try and rehydrate really dry areas of our skin with something that is a much better 'overall hydrator' than most creams or ointments.

using lidocaine patches cut down to fit a speacific area also works well on what is actually more like a 'neuropathic itch' is. i have this too in my shoulder blade where i used to have central pain syndrome. that particular pain left THAT area but left me with some really odd and insane crap, including this itch from hell that will simply pop in and out at will. that is when i place a lidoderm patch over the worst area(s), just to 'numb' that crappy itch and works REALLY well too? they also DO make a lidocaine ointment that is still the same 5% that the actual patch is, but not 'quite' as good as the patch is. but it is a rather heavier type of ointment that has the same consistancy as like vaseline does, so it would help to put on immediately after you soak in any water to best help to hold that moisture still left on your skin in too. just do NOT wipe your feet totally off before using this(just very lightly kind of 'pat dry') since that moisture WILL kind of be forced into the feet with just using the lido ointment and massaging this into the feet. i really am wondering if that product you mentioned you use laura just 'may be' the same 'type' of cream'ointment as the aquaphor that sells in the US? it just sounds like a really good 'hydrator' for skin, just like aquaphor is.

laura? the epsom salts themselves is actually ALL granualized magnesium(a very natural muscle relaxer), so all you have to do is simply soak in a tub with about a cupful. this really does help even my level of spaticity too. but DO kind of swirl this around in the tub once you have dumped that cupful in there. it can take some water movement back and forth to fully dissolve the granuales sometimes.

karen, while i KNOW what you are feeling with all the many losses you just feel when anything that impacts us on this much deeper level start to play with our heads. while you ARE most definitely entitled to a lil pity party once in a while, and i too grieved MY losses from not only RSD, but from what generated it as my SCI to begin with, just do NOT "allow yourself" to wallow in it or i can guarentee you, your current depression just WILL get much worse if you do not try and change your thinking patterns in some way to just allow yourself to feel what ARE some real solid positives in your life right now. ANYTHING that is simply 'good' or the people who are actually there for you ARE positives that concentrating more of your emotional/mental energies on, really DOES help alot to try and see things in a bit different and better perspective. sometimes that just CAN take a while to do, but you WILL think of something that is actually either going better, or the many symptoms you do NOT have that you could, just try and be thankful for, since thsoe really ARE positives for you. unfortuently, that just IS what this comes down to in the end, when all is said and done, looking for ANY good in your life and mostly anything positive that you can better concentrate on too. but as i mentioned to you before, just getting onto a GOOD ANTI d TYPE MED ALONG WITH SEEING AN ACTUAL THERPIST WHO YOU can VENT?TALK TO, JUST REALLY does HELP. AND IF YOU ARE GOING FOR ssd, IT is CRITICAL THAT YOUR DEPRESSION ALSO GETS WELL DOCUMENTED TOO BY YOU SIMPLY SEEKING OUT SOME HELP TO BETTER 'DEAL" WITH ALLLL THE CRAP THAT COMES ALONG WITH EVEN HAVING rsd. sorry, dam mit i hit that #%$^&*** caps lock again and i just do not have the energy to go back and fix it all,so just pretend its all okay, K? lol. my fine motor damaged fingers on the L side keep hitting the stupid caps lock ALOT when just trying to hit ONLY the "A" key. stupid fingers!

also karen,and this IS really important if you can do this hon. when you are just even trying for SSD, the MORE real documented info you just have to support your claim, the better chance you just have of getting awareded.soooo, i would be taking pictures of those feet again and again anytime they simply 'look' horrid. this would simply 'show' whoever looks at your info the 'real' underlying issues going on at your foot levels. also date the pics too. but this IS by far one of the very best ways to "show them"(instead of only you 'telling them') what is going on. also just seeing ANY doc so he or she just sees this and then also documents it too just really helps as well. you just do NEED all and any real 'back up evidence' on any types of injury or syndromes when trying to be awarded SSD.

some anti D meds, such as cymbalta can sometimes really help with RSD crap too, so that would be a good one to try and start with just becasue, ya know? i personally am, and have been now on lexapro since like 02, only becasue its the only one that we have found after trying MANY others(including the cymbalta too) that took my brain out of what felt like this very deep black ugly place at all. i can always tell whenever i just need any real upping or adjustment of that med since that 'blackness' will creep back in on me. then we change dosages, either up or even back down, at least with the lexapro can help. strange, but going back down after going up on this particular med to 20mgs(and for over a year) down to the 10 i was initially started on actually DID help me tons. do NOT have a flippin clue as to why, it just 'did'. you just also really need a 'venting/good feedback person along with possibly some med help with this one hon. a good therepist combined with a good anti D can do wonders for our depression and the crap we have to just suck up and deal with like 24/7.

and for anyone who is just suffering spasms or full on spasticity, i have found that for me, only 5mgs of valium really has worked well for me, esp at night when mine seem to 'appear" the absolute worst. i also will 'halve' some other 5mg tabs to take during my day too, which helps during the day just to try and keep any real spasms on a lower more even keel too. and my particular spasticity is from two totally seperate sources. one part is the loss then coming back of my main motor nerve down that leg to my feet during my cavernoma resection that went into my cord, and the other part is from a particular spinal tract that became damaged during same surgery. that one flippin motor nerve has been firing now exactly every other second since that surgical day 'hit/loss, and came back damaged" back in 2003. tho your baclofen pump laura is by far the best that it can get realistically.

whenever we end up with any level of real damage to our sympathetic nervous systems, it also tends to bring out a much higher overall 'sympathetic tone' as well. and that just does NOT help at all in the 'overall calming' we just normally would have pre damage to. it would make us much more susceptable to not only 'just' spasms or spasticity, but in what i have found with my body ius that like EVERY singlke 'sense' we have has been amplified down to actually feeling pain inside my head 'only' whn i hear certain tones, or noises too? very strange.

karen, did your BP and HR issues recently start or have you already had this pre onset of RSD? sympathetic nevous sytem damage CAN also impact our BPs(just in and of itself, AND of course having pain flares too) and the overall heart rate as well. when i awoke in recovery post cord surgery where they most certainly hit my symp chain, it was to hearing ALOT of docs and nurses yelling out for what i already knew, since being an EMT for more than a decade, as all cardiac/rhythm meds. my rate and rhythm were just truely all over the place. it took them forever to finally stabilize everything. but i had NEVER ever in my freaking life at ANY cardiac problems, ever until that post op fun. we CAN also in some cases, have some levels of real impact from what is our PARAsympathetic nervous systems too which just will add more crappy stuff that can show itself as system malfunctions and other basic affects/symptoms in/on our bodys too.

i would just try anything andf everything that you can get your hands on to see what particular product(s) work best for your actual feet issues. and DO please try the lidocaine in BOTH ways(the patches, known as lidoderm 5%, and the lidocaine ointment 5%). this stuff has saved me from sooo many different types of suffering with esp my pain that will NOT at all respond to any narcotics or other types of meds i have tried either. and it also works wonders for neuropathic itch and those ugly trigger points we can also get mostly in the neck/shoulders and blade areas too. good luck hon,marcia

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