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Re: Rsd vs raynauds
Feb 11, 2012
[QUOTE=frenchfri1003;4926299]I am totally confused and not sure who to believe anymore. Here is a little background info.
12/09/2010 ACDF C5-6 C6-7
9/2/2011 Rear ended as a driver
I was pretty much better after my surgery with ROM and strength. Then I was rear ended and back at square one as far as ROM and strength was concerned. Then my hands and feet started getting cold and reddish to bluish. Then same affects to my toes and feet. Then the opposite occurred red and burning and swollen toes mainly and fingers and palms. It hurt to walk at times and I couldn't wear my rings and was losing strength in my hands. OSS wasn't sure what the situation was. He sent me to a vascular surgeon who said it was RSD. Then I did more research and needed to find someone to treat the issues. Found a physiatrist that is knowledgeable with RDS. Not so easy. Finally did and went to the appointment. He felt it wasn't RSD due to similar symptoms in both hands and feet. He said that it generally affects either the right or left but not both at the same time. He felt is was Raynauds. He feels an EMG is warranted and will try a Stellate Ganglion Nerve Block to see if that helps. Any thoughts about where to go or what to do?[/QUOTE]
Hi frenchfri, you remind me of my bs that I have had from all my drs, (ortho,Pcp, neurologist, pt, and pm). I got RSD from knee surgeries. Started in one foot then went to other foot. Creeping up legs but its also in my hands, knees, and creeping up arms. I had the EMG, showed I had nerve damage?? The neuro said I have RSD and neuropathy. The PM Dr says RSD but maybe MS too. Had MRI of brain, no MS. I was like, well yeah duh! I have no MS symptoms. Anyway, I had 4 gang nerve blocks, the1st one worked for 24 hrs. The PM and neuro drs said this was proof of RSD because it worked.(that's what they told me anyway) Oh and I also have bizarre color changes, severe edema, burning pain,ice cold pain, VERY brittle toenails (2are loose) deep ache type pain with sharp pain, and sensitivity. So, I doubt I was much help but it can be a difficult thing to dx. I got the run around too. Don't give up and have the block. The block can help with the dx. Hopefully someone that knows a lot more than I do about RSD will post answers for you. :) I wish I had sonething uplifting and helpful to tell you sweetie...hang in there and I hope something I shared made some sense. *hugs* Karen
sooo glad you had some success, and also a pretty darn certain Dx too. as long as you simply HAVE changes at all, it's usually a positive dx for RSD. the way MY SNS blocks usually "work" on my pain in my knee down thru my foot(i get the lumbar type), esp more lately is my pain IN that knee will tend to really get extremely fired up(after that block runs it's course of six hours) and alot more painful for like 6 days or so and THEN i do usually get it to go down a bit in overall intensity. it does usually last AFTER that 6 day nightmare, for about a month or two after. but this last one i had which was a series of two, it HAS lasted, or helped would be a better word since it never goes away, (but it can be brought down in overall intensities) now for a year at least? but i do think anyones actual 'response" to these types of blocks, as with other types too is a very highly individual type of thing? our own RSD crap just responds how IT decides to respond?

i have never heard of either, having the stellate done from the back and not the front, but who knows, maybe it IS much safer considering that the needle would also be pretty close to that carotid artery? if i remember right, the SNS is kind of running within that carotid sheath? not too certain tho exactly where that true stellate ganglion itself is specifically tho as it actually just sits somewhere along that trachea. so going thru the back probably would be a much safer type of needle placement for this particular type of 'entrance into". there is just alot of other 'stuff' that we simply do have within our rather tiny neck areas, as compared to the rest of the spinal that it does not have, to have to go around or make certain is not simply 'hit' during that type of block. i will have to check into that 'back side" needle placement at some point here just to see about the 'whys" they are even doing the stellate now this way vs the 'old way". there must be some benefit there or it would have been done the same way as always kinda thing? but the important thing here is i do believe this 'good' result would appear to rule out raynauds. just never ever allow ANY PM do this type of block esp, or any other without using that fluoroscope. they just HAVE TO be able to visualize where ANY needle is going in when it comes to any part of the spinal makeup. i am glad they used this on you FF.

while i DO know raynauds is a vascular type thing too, it just sounds like having that block really worked well to even get ANY relief beyond the like 6 hour duration of the SNS block. the SNS blocks are both a diagnostic tool and to try and hopefully bring down and change at least some of your overall symptoms and pain. from what i have been told, the more often you can just have the blocks done and as early as possible when it is even a suspected possible condition in someone, the better they can work too. or more 'lasting' coverage?

and oh my god YES to the weather being a really solid trigger, at least for my knee esp. anytime there just is any higher than normal moisture content in the air, even when it is a rather 'humid winter day" with alot of snow melting going on that does also place more into the air, i WILL feel that in my knee. and in the summer, between the heat(my knee is VERY sensitive to heat from any kind/source) and the dew points being higher, that too sets off the very same thing, swelling, higher pain intensities along with 'bringing out' what is still some knee damage in that same knee too. have had two dang surgeries on that sucker in 07 and still have some ongoing damage that hits the bones soo much harder(among other things, i had blown my medial meniscus, so i have some bone on bone there too). just a really bad bone aching component. luckily for me tho, my narcotic does help with that bone crap to some degree anyways. just nothing else in that RSD effected area at all really. but my other pain also will react in some icky ways too when the weather simply changes too rapidly. and this particular year has been hell in THAT dept. having like 80 in march??? then the next day like 40s-50s? and i am in Mn for gods sake, known as the "frozen tundra of the north". too wierd for words.

hopefully other blocks will also help with this too. just happy that you DID have a good response at all. some people, despite having the good changes during the six hour blocks and DO have confirmed RSD, don't get ANY "continued/ongoing' help from them at all, so that really IS a great thing you did FF. please DO continue to keep us in the loop hon, marcia

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