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Hi Wiired.

I wish I could give a positive response, but I had only very limited relief with lumbar sympathetic blocks (they followed much the same pattern as you've described for your SGB) and no relief from SGB other than from the direct result of the local anaesthetic (an accidental sensory and motor blockade - so I not only had a sympathetic blockade, but also a numb and paralysed arm for a few hours until the local anaesthetic wore off).

How long have you been on the Neurontin for? If it's only a short time, I'd suggest that you try to persevere a little longer on it - many of these meds have the 'double edged sword' of horrid side effects in the short term and also taking a wee while until you see any benefit.

I know the workers comp means there may be difficulties in getting what you need in a timely manner, but does the Pain Clinic mean you also have access to a physiotherapist? Movement is essential - not excessive; you have to learn a lot about pacing, about where the 'line' is that allows you to maintain some strength and flexibility in your limb, without causing a flare (a little extra pain is okay, a lot is not).

Unfortunately we're not allowed to post links here, but you might also want to do a search for Mirror Therapy and Graded Motor Imagery. These are things you can look at at home - they don't work for everyone, but there have been some good results with their use, especially when used fairly early on. Personally I've not had much success with them, but I do know people who have.

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