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Re: Doctors
Feb 25, 2012
hi dano,and soo very sorry that you neven have to be here at all. ya know, the one seriously HUGE thing in all this that you mjust really DO havwe going in your favor is the serious 'flaws' i what just IS a very basic and standard protocal for anyone who simply 'presents' with what you had as a potential ankle injury here at all. they should have done some hands on testing to see how in depth that injury 'felt' to you and some evoked provocation response type of testing just to make certain that there was absolutely NO noticable nerve impairment or esp bloodflow impairment when there is ANY injury involving any actual 'joint' we just have in our bodies since they DO carry a much higher type of kind of really wierd set up bloodflow thru the joint ityself.

but the biggest F up the idiot docs did was NOT simply even DO that basic standard ankle x rays that are also usually done at various angles just to either rule in or out an actual ankle break/fractures to what just are the TONS of bigger and much smaller bones we have in our ankles/feet and within our hands as well. but THAT lack of plain x ray WAS negligent on their part and this IS something that they NEED to remember, and WC needs to be reminded of ALWAYS. if they had done 'their jobs' appropriately per standard protocals(this IS standard in just about any actual ER before they will even allow you to leave,and all docs simply DO know this), they would have known THAT very day that you HAD some serious breaks in bones and this would have HAD to have been handled a very different way. that initial deleay in ANY real treatment that would have been the appropriate type for what you had, simply helped TONS to generate what you are NOW FORCED to have to even deal with. and THAT just IS in your corner and something i WOULD contact a WC attorney about to help you deal with alll the insane BS that IS dealing with WC crap in just about any state in the US.

the one thing i would do here since you simply HAVE TO KNOW what YOUR particular state laws governing WC issues are, is simply search for your states website or it also could be printed on some of the material that you have recieved from them so far too. but you just NEED to know what YOUR rights are here. and i would use that highly neglignet inital lack of care, or 'proper care' as much as you possibly can from here on out too. a very basic x ray could have changed this whole situation so it DOES matter alot in your case. but i would contact the attorney and look up all rights you have per what your own states AS your rights.

i know when i was on WC for a really sick finger injury i did at work(i landed directly ONTO my middle finger in a fall with full wieght ALL on that one stupid finger and litterally blew out both sides ligamants. but mis Dxed by an idiot orthosurgoen who said i had a 'tendon injury" without even DOING anything like actually even TOUCH IT?), i WAS allowed to change my own docs ONCE if i felt the inital one was simply NOT at all doing their job for me. and my second one just happened to be someone i KNEW from others was one of the top hand surgeons around here too. if it was not for that ONE change, god only knows how much movement, let alone actual dexterity i would even have now.

that initial ortho i saw soo completely first, misdiagnosed my injury, then, instead of only splinting that finger that WAS what should have been done, and it was HUGE and very bruised on top of it, then sending me to what" should have been" full PT/hand therepy in about a wek or so after inital injury, but INSTEAD the idiot placed like my entire hand(and i mean totally 'encased my entire flippin hand in a dang cast for weeks. that part totally screwed up alot of chances for ME to even regain much more than i ended up with. it just was casted based upon his complete stupidity in not dxing this right to even begin with. i cannot belive that man is actually doing actual orthosurgeries on the unsuspecting souls out there. he IS a total idiot and that is also what that NEWER hand surgeon stated after looking at what he did to me and just even allowed.
so there just really ARE some really amazing specialists out there and some that are the ones who actually graduated very LAST in their med school class who STILL get that same MD after their name that the first in their med school class gets too. kinda scarey when you think about it that way, ya know?

but right now, you simply NEED to be getting what IS very specific to RSD type of care. and unless you can use what you have with that inital negligence along with help from an attorney who can help you to even GET to that needed specialized type of care and appropriate pain managemnt, this will not get any better and could even potentially spread. what these idiots just even DID to you is sooo appalling it makes me sick. but i am thinking that once this just getws fully documented as RSD, they would almost HAVE to follow what ARE very specific types of ongoing treatment to keep it from getting worse, since THAT will hit them in the end when they have to pay out for disabilities part of this whole thing too? just push whoever you have to and use whatever you have to in order to simply get the very specific needs met that come with this,and satisfying the idiots at WC too. this is just where REALLY truely advocating for yourself with voicing things and doing things can seriously pay off in the biggest ways for you dano.

one thing i waswondering about in reading thru your other post? when you stated you had a 'nerve block', just what 'type' of actual block did they do on you, a basic 'nerve block that totally numbs an area, or an actual really needed for soo many reasons 'sympathetic nervous system block'? that SNS block IS both a great diagnostic tool in seeing if anything actually changes when ONLY your sympathetic nervous system signals are blocked, and it would NOT at all in any way create ANY numbness at all, just blocking symp signals from entering that leg at all for about six hours or so? then they just have you 'gage any changes at ALL to your what is for you your 'normal' pain and any sensations or color change symptoms in the affected area.if ANYTHING actually changes in that area, esp with the pain either going away completyely or a lessoning of it, it IS a posistive dx of having RSD/CRPS of a sympathetic ly 'fed' pain syndrome. if nothing changes with this particular block, it is not an 'automatic,'not RSD, it really can be many other factors involved as to why nothing changed with a symp block, including the anesthesiologist not hitting the ganlion right among other things. but if it does change, itIS positive and therefore also documented for future 'use' in your case, and how this just HAS TO be treated.

sometimes it just also can take what is a series of SNS blocks before anything really 'shows' too. my PM always does these in a series of three over usually 2-3 months. i use them now for trying to reduce my insane hot/cold burn when it just gets a bit wayy too out of hand. these just can also help with the pain too.

but knowing exactly what 'type' of block you had done really is kind of important for us to know. it DOES matter.

good luck dano. just remember you are NOT alone in this fight for yourself, K? we ARE here for anyone who is suffering with this really sick level of pain syndrome. just keep hangin in there and pushing the right people to simply 'do' their jobs for you. and DO try and look up your states WC website. or just put in workmans comp patient rights and then in your state. that should bring up some good info, and possibly from others right IN your state too who can help with what IS and IS NOT something that may be a possible or is. they WOULD defintiely know much more about the specifics, ya know? marcia

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