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New to HealthBoards
Mar 26, 2012
I registered for the first time on this board today. I did so after reading impressive messages of support with pain, RSD and CRPS.

I am scheduled to have a Lumbar Reflex Sympathetic Nerve Block in April.

I'm new here, but now new to nerve blocks, trigger shots, neurostimulator implantation, discectomies (x2) and lumbar fusions. The 3 disc surgeries were during May 2009 - May 2010. The stimulator was implanted Jan 2011.

I've been through land and water therapy. Each time it is like setting back the clock on the pain. I was unable to continue water therapy in any heated pool as my leg cannot take the heat and made me feel weak. And in a regular indoor pool, I feel the shocks in my body when my foot hits the bottom of the pool. However, I guess I need to get over that and at least get some exercise.

My pain is in my right leg, foot, thigh, groin, hip and lumbar - all affected with the pain, burning, stinging, ice pick pain, cold/hot pain, achy pain and what I call the "crawlies" pain. My doctor brought up CRPS after finding I was unable to withstand heated pool therapy. I have trouble with my blood pressure (low), never realizing that's the reason I often feel "fluish" for so many years. As far as a stimulator, I would not recommend one. It made my pain worse.

My EMG showed femoral plexopathy and neuropathy; L2-L5 neuropathy.

My leg pain started in 2007 with a drop foot. In 2008 an MRI showed the L4-L5 herniated. May of 2009 I had my first discectomy....that was my first mistake!

I look forward to "talking" with everyone.

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