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Although I have had a boat load of surgeries, bunion was not one of them. So I don't know the recover from that. BUT, I have had quite a few on my ankle and some of your syptoms are normal and some are not.

I would see if there is any way to get you in to the pain clinic earlier. Either private (are you outside the US?) or have your GP try and get you an appt. earlier.

With every surgery on my foot/ankle, the color change was there, even before the CRPS. It happens, especially in the shower or if the leg is down for awhile. The burning pain you are experiencing is something to be concerned about. Sometimes nerves can be entraped in scar tissue or inflamed and can cause some of the same type of symtoms and it is not CRPS. The pain clinic would be the best way to know for sure. I had many other syptoms other than what you are describing. But some were the same as well. It is hard to really know sometimes what is what. Now that I've been dx'd with CRPS, I have a hard time knowing what is a nerve pain that is new and perhaps unrelated to what I shoud just chalk up to CRPS.

I still have my issues. My CRPS will probably never go away at this point. My OS at the time ignored my symptoms and by the time I got my diagnosed it was too late. Well, actually, things were starting to improve until I had to have another surgery.

Keep on top of the clinic. Ask if you can be on a cancellation list so they can call you if someone cancels. Get your GP to call. Do what you can to get seen earlier rather than later. And remember, this could be something other than CRPS, so don't worry too much. Keep your foot elevated and keep in touch with your surgeon as well.
Good luck and keep me updated.

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