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I'm not sure it's the amount of exercise/stretching that's helped me, it's more the frequency. If, like me, you 'guard' the affected leg (left for me) then you'll not be moving it much. I used to do a number of martial arts, run, etc. and yet my flexibility has dropped to such an extent even bending to tie my shoes is a struggle (in just over a year) not including the pain. I've been, on my physios advice, doing hourly small gentle stretches (hip, calf - just pointing toes, quad and biceps femoris) it only takes a few minutes and even I can feel the difference. You just need to keep the blood flow regular, they are effectively nothing more than 'cramps' according to my physio (hope she's right!).

Like K_Lana says, don't over-do it or you'll condition yourself (pain is a real negative enforcement, as if you need telling that). I tried my old routines and just ended up not doing anything as it was too much too soon.

Like you, independence is my aim so (lucky me) I can at least look at trading in and getting an auto at some point. Have you considered other means of transport? A scooter (blah! Not cool enough? or just too far? lol), motorbikes are out unless you don't use your rear brake (I miss my bike rides), there are hand control-only car adoptions but they are a major expense. I used to ride every other day too, just can't mount now. Horse? pmsl

Hopefully it will be settled with the exercise. Now why are you on the interweb thingy when you should be studying? No homework? ;-)

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