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[QUOTE=SloRian;5188986]Another update (I've been calling around the various clinics and talking to them to learn more about this)

The doctor in Utah will only charge half price for booster treatments (because he doesn't need to be there the whole time, because we know it works and the patient knows how it should feel). This is helpful, because many people will need booster treatments.[/QUOTE]

Hi I am so glad I looked at this thread. I have had chronic regional pain syndrome or as some call RSD type two going on six years. It started after a botched spinal surgery that caused femoral nerve damage. I woke up in pain that I would rate at the time a 22. My leg was burning and my foot felt like someone was holding it in an ice bucket. I am nowhere at that level now., but live in chronic pain that can go into a 10 anytime. It is in my left leg and know I am starting with symptoms in my right foot. I am on a cocktail of medications that I thought I would never take, but without my meds I for sure would be bedridden. I have had blocks that help somewhat for a short time , but nothing else. I have a memory foam mattress and elevate my feet off the bed, but the restlessness eventually cause my feet to hit the bed. My doctor wants to put in a SCS put I am traumatized by the surgery that caused this and can't imagine going through another surgery on my back.i live in Miami,FL and have never heard of this treatment before. Could someone give me some more information on what it is or lead me to a website that can help explain the treatment, I would be very grateful. This condition has stole my life and my identity.

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