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Hi, firstly can I express my sympathy as you're obviously 'going through the wars', I have enough trouble coping just with RSD in one leg.

My opinion is that yes you must immediately inform your rheumatologist of the burning pain. Why? because you have all the classical symptoms of RSD/CRPS. The allodynia (pain from a normal stimulus), hyperalgesia (an increased sense of pain), oedema and abnormal sudomotor activity. He/she will need to know for a diagnosis which, as all the 'old-hands' here have drummed into me, it's time sensitive, to get therapy in the first months of this is imperative! The burning pain seems a common thread for most although 'gravel-rash' was what I described it as (more 'being flayed' but being a Brit we have to do the stiff upper lip and laconic bit). I've found that my pain perception, if not the level of pain, has changed. Your memories will probably have glossed over how bad it was, a normal response, but also pain perceived more proximal (ie. shoulder rather than foot) is always judged as greater.

The other factor to stress is your previous diagnosis of RSD. The operative term is that you went into [U]remission[/U]. You were not cured, this increases the likelihood exponentially that this is a relapse.

The prednisolone isn't the normal response, as far as I'm aware, but there's research that has shown high-dose steroids have a beneficial effect (how statistically relevant is unclear).

Just as an aside, I'm not familiar with anyone who describes deformation of digits as a symptom of RSD, it is a known effect of your PsA. I was just wondering whether the PsA set off the RSD and not the other way round. Saying that there are a few papers published which show RSD as the antecedant of PsA-like symptoms.

Best of luck and my thoughts are with you!

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