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I had bunion surgery Jan 12 and immediately following I was experiencing more pain than I should have been. After 10 weeks my bones had healed and fused together however I was experiencing the following symptoms: burning, sweating, redness, pins and needles, numbness in legs. I couldn't take 10 steps without extreme pain and standing or even sitting with my leg on the floor was chronic - a feeling as if all my circulations had been cut off from the ankles down.

Nobody took me seriously initially - I got the best advice from this board. I pushed and pushed and was diagnosed (by two pain specialists) with CRPS. Whilst waiting for any sort of treatment I had accupuncture, massage, hydra and tried to keep my foot mobile by constantly doing foot rotations etc (it is really important that you keep that foot moving). Anyway 5 months after surgery I have had a nerve block, my medications are help (Lyrica), I swim, have accupuncture and have tried everything.

I promised I would give an update if things did improve (as those that improve tend to leave the board and you rarely hear of anything positive with CRPS). Things have gone in the right direction for me but gradually and slowly, the burns are not as regular, the sweating not all the time and I have veins appearing in my feet. My CRPS (they think) was caused by nerve damage, other things can trigger it too - like stress / trauma or just a knock or fracture. When did your symptoms start?

You have to be aggressive and be seen by a Pain Specialist as soon as possible - if left untreated it can be irreversible. The earlier it is treated the better the prognosis. Do not take no for an answer - you shouldn't need nerve tests to diagnose CRPS - it's all to do with the symptoms. Keep your foot mobile in the meantime, rotate the ankle, push the toes backwards and forwards etc if that is all you can manage - you need to maintain the range of movement.

I hope this has helped and Good Luck.

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