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Rsd Help
May 20, 2012
I've been told by my pain management doctor that I have RSD from my left shoulder down to my hand. I have pain from the shoulder to the elbow, hand will sometimes turn a purple color and lock/freeze up in a claw position and get cold in which I can't do anything with it, the whole arm doesn't have as much feeling if someone touches it compared to the other arm, sometimes the hand will sweat or get warm. The things I just listed happen about 2-6 times a day. It just depends what I am trying to do. Sometimes my mobility in the shoulder is limited to where I can only raise the shoulder half way to 75% of the way on a good day. I don't have much strength in the arm. Pain management has already tried temporary nerve blocks on a few different occasions, but the most relief I got was 15 minutes, so there not sure what is next. My questions do you all feel this is RSD since these are my only symptoms, because I know there are more out there and since it comes and goes. I am trying to get as much info as I can on RSD so if anyone can help I would appreciate it.
Re: Rsd Help
May 22, 2012
Hi -- I don't have all the symptoms of CRPS, but two different pain management centers at major universities have diagnosed me. Did you have a triggering event in the time prior to the start of symptoms? A surgery? A virus? A fall?

Have you sought a second opinion? I would recommend either a neurosurgeon or another pain management practice. I would also not tell the new doctor about your pain management's diagnosis, just tell them the history of your symptoms and any known triggering events.
Re: Rsd Help
May 22, 2012
I had shoulder surgery and started having symptoms. After that surgery my shoulder froze so they had to put me back out and break the shoulder lose, which the pain management doctor didn't think was a good idea, but it happened at work and it was a work comp doctor. Anyway, I did see a second doc and he said it very well could be RSD from the symptoms and exam. So I have one definite yes from pain management and said it very well could be. I am hoping to get more info from those that do have RSD. I am an info buff when it comes to this kind of stuff.
Re: Rsd Help
Jun 6, 2012
Renegaderob... not all RSD sufferers have all the symptoms and not all are horrible.. sporadic symptoms are good and treatment early on is good. my RSD was jumpstarted by an accident in leg. I know some one who woke up one day (no incident. no reason whatsoever) and she had RSD in her arm. now its in every limb and has no reason why... each person is different no need to have all symptoms. I know some dr,s give this beast stages and lists but its a bad guide line.. My dr,s do not follow the stage theory as you can have this symptom for this stage and another from another stage.. If you dr,s suggest possible RSD take it seriously and start RSD treatment plans..wich aren't solid either but. good luck

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