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I mentioned those specific supplements, because they were recommended by Stanford pain management to help the nerves heal. From everything that I have read about CRPS/RSD, the problem is really a short-circuit within the nerves, sending signals to your brain that the area hurts and sending signals to the limb that it is injured. So, when you look at the area, it has all the symptoms of injury and it feels like it is injured. If you can break the cycle, the pain and symptoms go away.

For some, the nerve blocks reset the nerves, much like restarting a stuck computer. The gradual desensitization process is another method to gain relief, by sending positive reinforcement to your brain that your limb is okay. I found that compressive sensations -- like a gel feeling -- have been the most helpful with stopping the pain and sending those positive signals to the brain. My PT has confirmed that her other CRPS patients find compression soothing. I hope that you find some relief.

By the way, on four mornings after my last sympathetic nerve block, I had horrible, horrible shooting pains, which made it almost impossible to bear any weight on my foot. I absolutely understand what sufferers with more severe symptoms are going through. The pain was short-lived and was only when I first got out of bed. The PT suggested lightly massaging the foot before trying to get out of bed, to warm up the nerves and let my brain know all of the tissues within my foot were okay. I tried that the next morning and the symptoms were worse but the pain dissipated more quickly. Then, I was okay the next morning. I still get a little bit of a prickly sensation but I don't notice myself standing funny anymore. I worry that once I taper off the meds the symptoms will increase, but I'll deal with that when I get there.

Sending you all of the best thoughts possible.

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