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I'm sorry that you're suffering so much. Have you tried anything other than medication? It must be awful to have limited use of your hand, with your ASL interpretation.

Are there any university physical therapy sites near you? I've been going to physical therapy and working on slowly desensitizing my foot. Have you had any nerve root blocks in the past? Since my second lumbar sympathetic block, my symptoms have been markedly decreased.

I'm also taking Vitamin C (3 grams per day), an Omega-3 supplement and alpha lipoic acid. Each of these supplements is hoped to help nerves heal and react appropriately to stimulus. CRPS/RSD is mostly the nerves going haywire -- if your nerves heal, the skin/hair/nail/muscle issues often abate, as well.

I found a pair of shoes that really helps me. They feel like my feet are encased in gel. I wonder if, and this is going to sound weird, you could try making a big bowl of Jello and sticking your hand in it. If you are sensitive to cold, then you would it to warm to room temperature. But, the feeling of compression really helps my foot, and if the Jello doesn't hurt, it might just help.

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