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Re: Not In Control
Oct 19, 2012
I know how you feel. I have had rsd since i was 3 and got diagnosed at 11. I missed so much school and i was always angry that i couldnt keep up with my friends and they never understood and adults thought i was lazy. I always hated and still do hate when you wanna talk to someone about it and they say oh well my legs hurt like that too or theyre just growing pains every kid goes through that. Sound familiar? I bet it does lol. Im 28 now and sorry to say but those types of things dont stop. But i do wanna say there are so many things out there to do so you have to find your thing. I love crafts and make all sorts of stuff. I have rsd in my hands as well but thats the one part of my body i know i can push. And if i were you i would go talk with your fav teacher and ask them to help you set up something for rsd like a fundraiser. Rsd awarness month is november and the color thats for rsd is orange. Get out there and spread the word! You will be amazed how many people will want to know more about what you go through everyday and how much they will respect you for getting up and fighting! Pls write me if you wanna chat im always free

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