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Re: Crps & PT
Jul 20, 2012
Unfortunatley it never goes away, some people have gone into remission for years but thats normally only those who get effective treatment within the first 3 months.

Does it get worse then stay or get worse and worse? Or better then worse then better again?

Yes to all of them and any other combination you can think of.

What you have to realise is that no two cases are exactly the same and even spreads flares in the same person can be different. Mine started in the right hand and I have every symptom there is accept hypersenstivity to sound. In fact according to one specialist I am more hypersensitve than any sufferer he has treated in 20 years. We found this out when he used a sensitivity pin 4ins outside what we both thought was the affected area. This caused the hypersensitvity, colour change and accelerated hair growth to spread from below the wrist right upto the elbow and 2/3rd of the way around the circumference of my arm, however the constant and stabbing pains only spread about 3ins upwards.
The second spread was caused by my grandson, I,ve never been able to pick him up or hold him but when he started to walk he kept coming towards me with his hands held out, he kept treading on my toes with his shoes on. Now the RSD didn't start there but at the ankle and spread about 8ins upwards. Skin colour has changed but you can also see a massive bruise deep in each leg and the skin is constantly peeling, it's also caused varicose veins around both ankles. The pain is more a constant ache than burning unless I stand or walk and at the moment there appears to be no hypersensitivity

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