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[QUOTE=Wiired;5023926]Hello everyone,

I just thought I would share this concoction that my PM had me try. It had a pretty decent effect on the topical irritation and hypersensitivity for me, much better than the Lidocaine patch did. Perhaps it might benefit someone else here.

You will need to have a Compounding Pharmacist to make this up for you, it is not a manufactured preparation. These are the ingredients on my paper from the Compounding Pharmacy; it makes a 60gm tube of goop that you rub on like a lotion. Run this by your Doc if you think that it may help you!

Also, after a little run-around, I did get my insurance to repay me for this, but I had to buy it initially. Cost me about $60 (US) and lasted a month or so.

Ketamine Hydrochloride USP - 6gm
Amitriptyline Hydrochloride USP - 1.2gm
Propylene Glycol USP - 3.6ml
DSMO USP - 6ml
Base: PCCA Lipoderm - 43.2gm[/QUOTE]
Thanks, this Is I was using 50% ketamine and 50% lipoderm only !! it is very irritating when used for any length of time-I am going to the doctor thursday and am going to take this with me-last appt. she and the compound pharm. would not fill my cream-so maybe this will work for me- and I will try and get my insurance to cover it- my cream was running $72 out of pocket-thanks once more

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