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Re: Crps/rsd
Jul 28, 2012
[QUOTE=jewlz67;5024506]I was recently diagnosed with CRPS after I injured my ankle...I sprained my achilles tendon and tore two tendons. I have read some posts on here about the severity of pain that people have had with this and fortunately, I have not suffered severe pain...which leads me to the question, do I really have this? I was told that I have a mild case. The only symptoms that I have had are these: change in temperature from one foot to the other; sometimes my foot will turn a bluish/purple like color; I will get at times a burning pain in my calf and other times, it is just an achy feeling. My first day of physical therapy when they were doing the evaluation, the PT told me I was having more pain than what I should be experiencing since he hadn't done that much. I dont feel like I'm in severe pain and again, I am dealing with two torn tendons. Any opinions???[/QUOTE]

The difference in temperatures between each leg and the discoloration are signs of early RSD. It's best to work with a TEAM of caregivers, such as a family doc, physical therapist, pain counselor. This is a lifelong disease and can spread from one spot to another until the entire body is involved. Early treatment is very important. Educate yourself, read whatever you can about this disorder so you have the language to communicate with your caregivers especially if symptoms get worse. The pain of this disorder changes, sometimes it can feel just achy, and other times the nerve pain is absolutely unbearable. There are remissions but as far as I've learned, not a cure. The earlier you get diagnosed and treated, the better. Some meds work better than others. I had 11 years of sympathetic nerve blocks (had about 5 every few years), but then they stopped working. The meds work differently for each individual, you need to experiment to find what works best for YOU.
Good luck to you.

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