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Hi everyone!!

I just had my 2nd lumbar sympathetic nerve block. Wow!! Just like the 1st one, it didn't last long, at the most about 8 hours. It just seems like everytime the pain comes back, it comes back stronger and the discoloration in my leg is worse. Has anyone else felt like the blocks make it worse? Right after the block my leg got all nice and pink and warm and the doctor said that is one way they know it worked. Well, it might mean they got it in the right place or whatever but it didn't work.

I'm not sure if we will do anymore blocks, it depends on what the doc thinks and if WC is going to continue to cover them. We were talking about pain meds and he even brought up the SCS. I don't know, I feel like after just 2 blocks it might be too early to be considering the SCS??? I know these blocks aren't helping me go into remission.

Another question or just plain comment. I can't type worth anything anymore. I used to type about 80-90wpm but since I've had RSD I am so dyslexic with my typing. It's driving me crazy. If I left everything on here the way I typed it, it would be hilarious. My present job (which I am out right now on WC) is as a cashier but I am a certified medical assistant. I know being on RSD meds, I will never have a job in the clinical aspect but I thought I at least could possibly do the administrative end, but I can't even read my own typing. I also do it when I am writing with a pen or pencil.

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