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As I have sat down and read all of the post/replies on here, two things sadden me: 1. that your daughter is in so much pain and as a mother, I know how hard it is to watch your child suffer and 2. that kev, you have to go through so much pain and suffering. On that note, this is where I felt the need to comment. When I got the diagnosis of RSD/CRPS (which are the same thing, just CRPS is the new name for it) I was very depressed because I have a friend who has it and I have watched through the years her go from bad to worse. My friend has the sensitivity pain, the skin changes, skin ulcers from the edema that she gets from it, and so on. She has had the TENS unit put in her and she now has a morphine pump in surgically installed in her back. Thus the reason for the depression when I was given the diagnosis. For myself, I was told I have a very mild case of CRPS. You can have this disease with having mild symptoms of it. Yes, pain is your classic symptom, however, it doesn't have to be excruciating pain to be CRPS. Early diagnosis is key! With all the problems that she is facing, have they attempted to do a nerve block? My first nerve block they did helped me tremendously...wont talk about the 2nd and 3rd one! For a lot of people, there is relief with the nerve blocks. As with this crazy disease, what may work for one, does not always work for another. Also, where one person may have certain symptoms...doesn't mean all will have the same symptoms. Your best bet is to find out as much information as you can. Dont take just my opinion or anyone else's opinion to be the gospel! Do your own research and your own observations of your daughter. Keeping a journal of what she goes through also will help you when discussing her condition with her physician. When you go to the doctor, it's easy to forget different things. I just started taking my husband with me for that reason!!! Just try to continue to be strong for her and continue to be her biggest advocate! I'm so glad that she has a mom like you to be in her corner!!! Be sure to take care of your own emotional needs as well!!! I know this can be very depressing for not only your daughter but yourself as well! If you are a Christian, you know that prayer works and God is a big enough God to take care of you both!!! I will be praying for the two of you and hope you will stay in touch on how your daughter (and you) are doing!

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