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I am new to this site, but NOT new to rsd. I got rsd following surgery in 1996. First was frozen shoulder (not diagnosed) but had pt to get range of motion. Then moved to other shoulder and more pt. Then had an injury to hand in 2001 and lost range of motion along with the swelling pain, etc. Became stiff like a board. Was diagnosed with rsd and started pt. tens unit. and densitization 7 days a week.
Eventually was able to get fingers to move like a claw and thats as far as they would go. It is the left hand so the go to about 4 oclock. Like yourself, they can't wrap around anything, and have little strength in that hand much less than the right hand, but that is OK.

Crano, I read all your posts before and after this surgery. I am used to the fingers being frozen and am SO grateful the severe pain is gone. It took time, but did get better. It did move down to both feet and legs-actually fully body. But I no longer have the electrical shocks thru by body or uncontolled spasms -jerks. I believe the high doses of neurotin 3200mg. contributed to that, but no way to know for sure. Crano, how are you doing now? Is the swelling going down any and how is your burning? I still have severe burning in my feet , but the burning in the hands has gone away. So, don't give up hope on your hand.

My latest challenge is my eyes. I'm afraid this nasty thing is in my eyes. Several times a day I have extreme burning, stinging, like razor blades, and extreme tearing. Can't even see when these spells hit me. Anyone have any experience or know of anyone with this? Thanks for listening. darlene

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