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I was injuried in 2006 at work I was Sgt. for a local Hopital and run the night shift security dept. I injuried my lower back had fusion at S1-L5, tore my left shoulder out had 2 operation to fix that, damage to ulnar nerve in left arm and damge to C 4-5-6-7 neck. I developed CRPS after the 4th operation to elbow all the operation where done over a time frame of 13 month. Would be almost recover from one they do another. Well I was in so much pain all the time and brought up CRPS to my doctor at the time and she would alway tell me it not CRPS and she close out my L&I Claim and i was given a pension because I couldn't work. Well I left her and found a chroniic pain doctor and she went throught my case and did her exam and she told me you have CRPS. well yesterday Dr. Yetenbreger brought up the ketamine infusion at my appt. and said we talk more about at next appt. when i was feel better becasue I was rear end on NOv. 21, 2012 and I had MRI and my neck alot worse than the MRI done in 2010 and I am having a major flare up of the CRPS due to the accident. SO I was looking into it and came across your posting. I call my insurance and I told they only pay 80% of the ketimane infusion. I know not cheap and I found one place here in washington state that does it so far.

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