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Dear izzabella, squishymom, little izzy, mia bella & dedwards, Oh My Goodness! I have never heard of rsd or crps until your posts. Your pain must be unimaginable along with the other symptoms! I wish i could do more than say " I am SO sorry!" You are very incredible women. I have a condition that causes severe pain & neuropathic symptoms that is caused by surgeries, medical tests etc & is hard because no one understands,but, it seems like nothing after learning about rsd or crps. I will pray for you all each day( already have your names written in my prayer journal) for God cares and understands. Bless you all! To the moms, I raised my kids while in inretractable pain and they are better for it. So compassionate of others. And they turned out great. And to those caring for parents, i take care of my mom. I know how it feels when you think im not doing enough for her, like if she had a nornal daughter. But, dont you ever believe that. You do the Best that you can Everyday for them. Because you love! Amazed, hats off to you, i cannot imagine the strength it takes. God bless you all! :angel: TO IZZABELLA: I dont know if rsd has anything to do with crohns,but, im in remission from ulcerstive colitis& have friendship with my gastro. I will ask him & see what he says. Hopefully, your gastro will know, and it will be treated without any risks og giving you more trouble. Please let me know if you ever need an ear. Any one of you. Hope this day brings you joy. Thanks:) gmak

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