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I have had RSD for a very long time, for many years more than my Dr.s first thought... I was diagnosed in 1987. I had arthriscope surgery on my left knee, 3 days later landed in hospital with deep thrombosis, extreme pain. Clots went, pain increased.
My left leg had been in remission for many years now, but have RSD down my left side to the 10th rib, very serious horse accident.
I have been on a few pain killers, first Leritine til it was taken off the market, and then hydromorpone, along with many other nerve receptor medications. This grouping of medications helped me continue as a horse trainer. I am now 66, smashed a knuckle on my right ring finger, severe RSD symptoms, coloration, sweating, swelling...
I was also diagnosed with severe Sleep Apnea a few years ago... My mask wore out and I was too lazy to go to town and get another one... I had just finished calving season, was extremely tired, went into a Sleep Apnea session, my husband called the Ambulance, didn't listen to me, just let me sleep. Told the medics that I have overdosed, given Narcan which immediately threw me into convulsions... given Fenytenal IV and flown by helicopter to town...The GP I had immediately tried covering his butt because one of the medics asked why an old lady like me should have all these high powered opiates on hand... So he tried to cover his ***... he lied to me about not knowing about the medivac, hospital ER stay, which stated Sleep Apnea was the diagnosis... He actually lied to me twice, and refused to admit he had... so he fired me... easy out right!!!
I am now going to a wonderful PM Dr., from South Africa, why do they know so much about RSD.

He tried a fentanyl patch, but really didn't do too much, so tomorrow I am to shower and scrub off where the patch was, wait an hour for withdrawal to happen, ie, sweats, shaking, weakness, etc. then take a Suboxone 2mg sublingually.... He is calling at 8 am to see how I am...

Is anyone here taking Suboxone for RSD pain, if so how has it worked, and how long does it work, for RSD pain...?

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