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Hi, I have a two part question here.
I just had two nerve blocks done-1 week apart. The first block left me in more pain than when I had the block and the 2nd block left me in so much pain that I could barely walk! I got RSD after I tore two tendons. I still see my orthopedic surgeon because he is keeping a watch on the tendon until we can get the RSD under control so that we can do the surgery and repair the tendon. Neither he nor I want the surgery done until this is under control! When I spoke to the PM nurse, I was told the pain I was having was probably due to muscle spasms and she put me on a muscle relaxer. I was prescribed Nucynta before for pain but hadn't been taking it because I really didn't want to take any narcotics. Because the pain was so bad, I took the narcotics and it didn't touch the pain! The muscle relaxer didn't help either! The orthopedic ended up seeing me because of the pain and he put me off work until I go see the PM doctor on Jan 11, 2013. question is this: Has anybody ever had a nerve block like this to where it left you in worse condition than before having it?
Now the 2nd part of the question. This is a workmans comp injury which means...they have put me through heck with it all!!! They sent a nurse manager for workmans comp to my orthopedic appt (she is actually the one who set it up for me) and told them that I really shouldn't work like this! Again, thankful that she agreed with the doctor on this!!! I am doing somewhat better since I have been off work and I am walking better...though sometimes I still need to use a cane to help me walk. Anyways, is it possible to go on disability even though I am walking better? The job I do is not a sit down job. I am up and down with every patient that walks through the door (I am a patient registrar). I know this past week, with as much pain as I was in, there was no way I could do my job. I am afraid that if I go back to being up and down all day again, it is going to cause another major flare up! So far, my RSD has been mild and I am hoping to keep it that way. This flare up caused me so much problems and I had never experienced so much pain from this condition as I have this past week. I know there are people who have this that experience severe pain every day but until now, I had not been one of those. I also know that a lot of people who do experience that much pain daily are on disability. My doctor wants me to take the narcotic pain pill on a daily basis. I drive 25 miles to work one way and I dont know how I will be able to drive and work while taking this. My orthopedic is turning things over to the PM doctor until this is under control and it will be her decision to decide if I am to continue to work or not. I am just unsure if my case is somewhat mild, if being off work is an option with disability or not. Any info on both matters is greatly appreciated!!!!

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