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Re: Quick Update!
Jan 22, 2013
What medications have you tried in the past and what are your current medications?

Everyone is different but what medications worked for me were Lyrica and Pamelor. In addition, I was diagnosed and started my treatment within 3 months of the onset of symptoms. Lyrica eliminated the burning sensation within a matter of days. It was about 3 months later before antidepressants were added to the treatment. I tried trazadone then cymbalta which gave me zero relieve. I got lucky and tried Pamelor which eliminated the other symptoms of cold intolerance, extreme sensitivity and deep achy pain after 6 weeks of taking it.

Make sure your medication include an anticonvulsant such as Lyrica, Neurontin or Tegretol. Plus an antidepressant medication such as Elavil, Pamelor, or cymbalta. Your doctor will have to play around with the combination but these two classes of medications are the building block for your treatment. Soaking your foot/ankle in Epson salt and warm water is excellent for controlling the edema. Talk to your doctor about trying an epidural or paravertebral nerve block. It is the next step when you are not getting any relieve from sympathetic nerve blocks.

Try to avoid the narcotics because they donít work well with long standing, chronic pain such as RSD and they are a slippery slope. Also try to avoid the spinal cord stimulator. It helps very few RSD patients and most likely you will have it removed it in 1-2 years due to problems such as infections, failed batteries/unit, bad leads, increased pain near the incision or poor coverage.

There are some smart people on this board and many have been dealing with this disease for years. Just ask about a treatment before trying it and I am sure someone will give you some good feedback.

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