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I received a phemonia vaccine two years ago it was given under my arm and thats the day my life changed forever it took eight months diagnosed now iam finally.going to pain mangment but i have three docs telling me diffrent things one tells me rsd can spread and another tells me it cant that iam over using my arm the rsd is in my left.arm now i am having the same symtoms in the right arm i just dont want them to take another eight months in my left arm i have no use and such severe pain
I have RDS in left lower leg, (stage 3) before being diagnosed in Nov. I had surgery on my left shoulder, now I have the same burning pain in my left shoulder. I know what it is. Dr's won't commit... because it's all workers comp. I am soooo sick of this. They are playing their games while I sit in pain. From what I understand and read RSD/CRPS spreads by either mirroring (i.e if you have it in the left ankle you can get it in the right ankle) or it will stay on the same side of the body, and jump around causes could be as slight as a bruise, or needle stick
Yes, it can spread. I agree with Faith Mom, if your doctor says it cant, you need to find a new doctor. You can even go online and look up information about RSD and print it out for it will help you to see for yourself as well and the things that can happen later. Mine started in my left ankle, now it is in the entire leg and my lower back. Juliea, I totally understand with the workmans comp because mine is too.

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