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Re: New to RSD
Feb 18, 2013
Are you freakin kidding me!!!!! I'm sorry, you may like the doctor but you need a new one!!! ALL of us would love to "get on with our life" but it's not as easy as said with RSD. We get on with our new normal the best that we can. I tried to go back to work only working for four hours (mine is a work comp injury that caused my RSD) it was sedentary work. I worked two four hour shifts...the first day I was in tears trying to work. I made it through my second day of work and called my pain management doctor and told her what I was going through and the amount of pain I was in and she put me right back off work. We are talking now about the strong possibility of me being off work permanently but again, because it's work comp, I have to keep seeing the doctor every month to see what they are going to do. My next appt is this Thursday. It's frustrating and you want to function normally, but this disease doesn't allow us to do that! The narcotics never took the pain away completely but it would at least take the edge off. I pretty much live at a pain scale of a 2-3. When they had me work, my pain scale was about a 7!!! When I start having the muscle spasms, then I start living at a 5. Without the pain pills, I dont know how high this would be! There are some on here who live at a pain scale of a 7 every day! I really dont think your doctor is knowledgeable enough about RSD for him to tell you what he has. What he did as far as the block goes and helping, that's good but you cant do those all the time. Now if you can work and function well enough for it, then yes, by all means, work while you still can. I was injured in May of 2012 and diagnosed in June of 2012. I worked until mid December. I have worked a total of eight hours this year so far. If you have private insurance and you can find your own doctor without referrals, I would research doctors in your area who are very knowledgeable about RSD and see them.

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