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There was a surgical room in my daughter's pain doctor's office that was sufficient for the nerve blocks, but they didn't quite knock her out all the way. We had to go to a surgery center for the Bier blocks, I'm guessing, because of the blood draining equipment. She was again almost all the way out, but not quite - I'm not sure why.

There's probably risk in any procedure, but for us, it was the Bier block or a spinal stimulator, so we went with the Bier blocks. I'm sure he mentioned some side-effect, because pretty much everything has side effects, but he thought it was the best thing for the next step, and we really didn't want it spreading into other parts of her body, so we went with it. She recovered quicker from the Bier block than from the spinal block (I don't know about you, but they both wiped her out pretty good for a few days).

FaithMom said that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (H-Bot) put her daughter into remission 3 times. I don't know much about that one - hopefully FaithMom can start a thread when she gets a bit of time, because I'd like to learn more. Both that and the Calmare treatment are much less invasive - no needles! I'm definitely looking into the H-Bot, just to have more options on the table, because it IS a less-invasive procedure, and those are sure nice! I'd love to hear from you about your experience with water therapy, if you go with that. It's so helpful to hear what other people go through and how it works for them.

Anyway, good luck - this thing is SO hard to bear ... :(

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