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That is crazy!!! So which doctor took you off work? My orthopedic took me off work and then he turned everything over to the PM doctor since he cant do surgery until this is under control. That is unreal what they told you with the they really stop and think what they are saying!!! I would say your next move then would be to talk to your pain management doctor about staying off work and asking them what your prognosis is. If they say what we who suffer with this already know, that you are going to end up on disability, then ask them if it is possible if they put you on it completely! What really makes things hard for you as well right now is the stress! Stress can definitely aggravate the RSD!!! I'm really surprised that your lawyer says that it's ok if you quit. I would strongly suggest to google what your workman's comp laws are for Kentucky! That is how I found out about the rule for 12 weeks in Indiana. I injured my ankle in May of 2012. I was fortunate enough to have a mild case of RSD so I was able to work. I had a nerve block on December 17th and after it was done, I could barely walk. Other than the two four hour shifts that I worked, I have been off work ever since. I'm hoping when I go back in to the doctor tomorrow that she will continue to keep me out.

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