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Good morning to you both,
Let me start off saying that since I found this topic yesterday, I read it to my husband, seeing it is about his disability, I was on healthboards because I have MS, so most my reply comes from him, I am playing secretary.

Johnathan, my husband smoked 1/2 to 3/4 pack a day before the accident and 2-3 packs after and only quit a yr and a half ago.. and it was just determination to suffer the with drawals for me... He said he knows it was bad, and we had a new son and how can we raise him right if Daddy smoked... so it was pure suck it up will. He found quitting Mountain Dew harder... something I preasured him to do due to how poisonous that stuff is, he used to drink two liters a day.

He said he hears you and feels your pain... It ain't easy.

His pain level is high... he maintains about a 5.. but it shoots to about and 8 or 9...but like hitting your funny with a shock of high pain but within a few minutes, it fades back down to the 5... this roller coaster happens periodically throughout the day.

However, he says, the meds didn't change the pain level, they just caused him not to care as much and put him in a fog.... It was killing him, yet didn't cure or fix the RSD... He'd rather have no meds, be clear head and enjoy time with his family and not experience the other medical problems that the meds caused... i.e. Liver and Kidney failure.... So Meds did more harm than good.

He needs a Titanium Leg brace on, in order to walk, he has a soft one, in keep knee stable, but needs the cane to wable in shower.... His three middle toes turn like a dark brown and his leg get real cold or buning hot at times.... They wanted to amputate his toes, but they were borderline in cold temp, so we decided not to... they are real sensitive but he uses hard work shoes in order to protect his foot from banging and such.

His RSD has now traveled to both arms, worse on left side.... He gets the dropsies a lot....

So basically, it is all there, he just accepts it. And not to go beyond his limitations...He says... But he had a choice, the drugs were killing me.

Diet...We learned of it, when I came down with MS... I was In a wheelchair 12 yrs ago, Dr.'s wanted to put me on Copaxone ( which only in theory MAY slow down the effects of MS) as per the package.... I prayed and the Lord guided me to the fact that Auto Immune disease is a Western diet disease and isn't in starving or most Aisan countries....

I am Christian, like you, Jewl, We are part of a Mennonite/ Amish group... Anyhow, As I researched the labels of grocery store foods, I was sickened of the poison our food stores are giving us. So we decided...If we can't read the word on the label, we do not buy it...and ONLY buy ORGANIC foods... Everything in our house is organic....

However, we are now being convicted to buy ORGANIC and GMO free labeled foods, and started a garden with Non Hybrid Heirloom seeds and are having chickens come the end of March and hope to butcher our own meet... Now we can only afford Hormone and Antibiotic free chicken... so we eat chicken with every meal... But we hope to feed our chickens our organic heirloom veggies, so it will be healthier....

My other new venture is a veggie smoothie... but home made... store bought is not all organic. Oh, 95% of my MS went into remission... for 9 yrs.... It is only in the last few months that some symptoms are returning... that is why we are stepping up organic to NON GMO and such... we need to obviously step up our game.

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