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[QUOTE=tearsnabottle;5162943]If you cant handle work you cant handle work and you could probably go right back out on w/c again. I know that is how it worked for someone I know. Thirty percent? Really? Maybe the person who gave you that rating should have your pain and symptoms for a month and see if he/she changes their mind. I think you should have more but what do I know. Maybe you can get SS. Hang in there! You will be ok. Sometimes these things take time.[/QUOTE]

Thank you so much! I know I thought it would be higher than that too. I think that this is just so hard to diagnos and the doctor's hands are tied. Mine is really standing beside me and he said "Johnathan I'm so sorry that I can't help you medically but I sure can help you financially. you just let me know what you need and have your attorney send anything that needs to be completed and we'll get it done" He is a really good doctor. He had tears in his eyes each time I saw him from seeing me in so much pain. I just wish we knew more about this disease and come up with something we can do about it to help us all.

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