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Ok PPJ2, I have to ask, what kind of organic diet is he on and what is his pain scale now compared to what it was before he went off all his meds? I am so glad he is doing better and that you two have a child. That's awesome! God is good!!! I am with you Jonathan on the losing the weight thing! I was down to almost 130lbs before I injured myself. I am now 150lbs! When you are 45 years old and 5'2", let's just say it aint pretty! My almost flat stomach that I had just worked so hard at getting is now gone! I have a wonderful, supportive husband but I still want to look good for him and it stinks being limited on what kind of workout I can do since I still have a tear in my ligament from my injury in May. I did quit smoking six months ago though. From what I have heard, and if I'm not mistaken, Painman answered this question for me, the meds can MAKE you gain weight! So now I am inactive, can't work, and take drugs that not only causes weight gain but increases your appetite as well!!! Even though it is still cold out, my husband and I have gone to the park a mile from our house and will take a walk around the small lake there. I think it is about a quarter mile. Some days I can do the walk at a "normal" pace but most times I am at snail pace! He talked about buying me a scooter and even pulled one up on Craigslist. I told him I was not ready for him to buy anything like that for me yet...hoping I will not ever have to be! I'm not holding my breath though because I just started getting really bad burning pain in my toes on the opposite foot! Can you get RSD in just your toes??? Anyways, to go back on topic, I would love to be able to quit my job! I hate being stuck in limbo!!! I think I miss my patients more than anything with my job and most of my co-workers, but I know that I just CANNOT do it!!! I wish I could get my doctor to finally understand that and get things going so that I can just go on disability and move forward!!!

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