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I placed this post in another thread, but thought I'd post some of it here, as well, in case it might help someone else to learn of another experience with a lumbar sympathetic blockade.

I have lower limb RSD/CRPS and I had a lumbar sympathetic block. The warming of the limb was immediate, along with redness and the sensation of sweating, but any relief I was supposed to receive from the block wore off within a day. Because of the immediate fail, no further blocks were recommended. (I love my Doctor)

It was a very unpleasant procedure for me and I experienced what can only described as "aftershocks" for quite some time afterward. I felt as if I was zapped by an electric prod :eek: at the injection site. It happened at random times and it didn't matter if I was upright or reclined. It was enough of a shocking sensation that it interrupted conversations and often awakened me, even after being exhausted from insomnia. I dealt with that for well over a year after a single blockade.

I won't say that the procedure made the RSD/CRPS worse, but it added a little extra dimension (just for kicks? :rolleyes:).

Just as others eluded to in an above posts, every response is different. And as the medical professionals have (hopefully) realized ... RSD/CRPS is anything but typical, predictable or one size fits all. I have read elsewhere that others have had good responses to sympathetic blockades, but those responses were after a quick(er) diagnosis of RSD - within the first few months after injury/symptoms.

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