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So sorry to hear of your stinks!!! I have had three nerve blocks. The first one I did was WONDERFUL!!!! It lasted three months! That was the best three months since my diagnosis 10 months ago. The second nerve block, I had more pain than before I had the block. I had a lot of running to do that day so directly from having the block done, I had to go to the court house to file my exemptions for my house and stood in line for a LONG time!!! I contributed the pain to not resting. I had another block one week later. That one I went out to breakfast after having the block, then I went and to bed for a little while. When I woke up, I could barely move and was in pain now from my lower back down to my toes in my left foot. The RSD was in my ankle only, after the block, the pain in my back and entire leg has not gone away. I had the last block on Dec 17th, since Feb 27th, I now have the burning pain in my right foot. My PM doctor is wanting to do a Bier Block and I really don't know that I trust her to do another block of any kind! Plus I have heard that you don't put a needle where the RSD is at. With the Bier Block, your leg is elevated and they put a blood pressure cuff on your leg as tight as possible. After the blood drains from your leg, they inject Lidocain as well as another drug that works as anesthesia. They will leave you like that for about 25 minutes then slowly release the blood pressure cuff. It is supposed to help with the burning pain but again, from what I have read, it doesn't last that long. The thing with RSD, what works for one person may not work for others. It's a crazy disease for sure!!! My suggestion would be to try it. If it works for you and lasts for awhile, great. If it doesn't work for you, then I would say don't do another one! Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do that makes it last permanently. We just have to do what we can and just push through the pain so that we can try to allow ourselves some type of normalcy! I always tell people, this is my new normal!!! The key thing to this disease is that you have to try to keep moving!!! If you don't try to maintain your range of motion, you WILL lose it! Your muscles will begin to atrophy (lose muscle) and your foot can stay "stuck" how it is. I go for short walks with my husband...even though it hurts like heck to do it! There are stretching exercises that I do and I have a stationary bike that I use but put no resistance on the bike. Is there pain doing these things...absolutely! The pain though is worth it to me if I can keep my mobility!!! Stay positive and keep your faith!!! There are times when this will get you down and that's natural for all of us....just don't STAY down!!! Hope some of this information helps. Just remember....what works for one may not work for others and vice versa.
Hello ive had rsd/crps since 2011 and have done well over 40 SGNB,s and they do help infact it is the only thing that pushes the intense pain back for about 8 days . I have rsd in both sides left and right feet so i alternate the injections because they cant treat both sides at the same time so im always in pain trying to play catch up and dealing with this every day it gets old real quick but i guess im saying yes do them and see if it helps , there are 3 kinds of rsd if you have rsd in the central nervous system then they should help . Also these injections dont make the rsd spread im not sure what does but keep in touch im sorry to say this will be in your life there is no cure take care snowman2 p . s . keep yourself in a good place
All, I was diagnosed with CRPS/RSD after dislocating my left ankle slipping in a puddle in a grocery store. Loads of fun. That was about 18 months ago. Gabapentin was useless. What has been the most successful has been the following: I've had two courses of plasma rich platelet therapy, and 5 tarsal tunnel channel blocks with the spinal ganglion blocks in my lumbar region.

The first PRP hurt so badly. However, toes I hadn't been able to move for 8 months started to move again in two days. The tarsal tunnel channel blocks work on healing the nerve damage which is believed to be some of the underlying issue within CRPS. The spinal ganglion blocks give me pain relief now for about 2 months. I still get pain, but the daily pain is down from the 8 range down to a 3/4. I feel like I can deal most days unless I'm doing A LOT (Christmas Eve I was cooking all day and I was in a lot of pain). I also got cleared to give skiing a whirl again after I worked through some exercises to strengthen my ankle.

Insurance does NOT cover the PRP. But it covers the other two which I will be doing every 3 months for the rest of my life. I think I'm in what is called "remission" right now. I'm hoping I can stay there by continuing this. I will always have the tingling. That doesn't bother me like the PAIN did.

These don't work like surgeries so don't think about them like surgeries that may cause RSD/CRPS. These are ultrasound guided injections. The PRP actually uses your own blood and a few additives and causes inflammation which is the trigger for your body to start the healing process again. I realize what is tricky about this illness is that each person is so different. Be open minded and try everything.

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