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RSD and Suboxone
Mar 23, 2013
How many old time diagnosed RSD patients are taking Suboxone for pain.
I am taking 18mg twice daily, one in morn. and one in afternoon. The other drugs for my RSD is Gabapentin - 1800 mg three times a day, amitripylene at bedtime, Minipress three times daily, and ativan 2 mg at bedtime... and also Rabazol???? for severe acid reflux....
Is there anyone out there taking any of these drugs, and who may be taking higher doses, how is it working? After time does the pain wear through the pain and it is not effect anymore.
Is anyone taking Lyrica for pain, also taking Cymbalta?
I am getting to my ropes end... I have been diagnosed 1987, told I had it when I was a child, from medical history... I am now 66, am a horse trainer and also have a cowherd of mother cows around 100 head. So I have to stay active and work through the pain, to get the chores done... but the pain is getting drastically bad now and in all parts of my body...
Can anyone help me with information what meds they are on and how are they working?
And one more thing, how soon does withdrawal start for suboxone, when the pills are stopped immediately... or is there no withdrawal for it???
Hi.. I have never posted on here but really wanted tell you my experience. I take a the medications you asked about. I started suboxone 10/2011 at 8/2 mg 3 times day (24 mg a day), also 60 mg cymbalta and 225 mg lyrica. I am recovering addict and the suboxone has really helped my RSD pain (started 10/2011 in left leg, spread to both arms, shoulders, hands 4/2012.. Hand pain has increased horribly since then) I have had several procedures since then (colonoscopy, arthroscopy, numerous spinal blocks) and have had to decrease suboxone or change to another form pain medication as it inhibits alot of anesthesia during surgeries or acute pain after) but though it doesn't take all pain away and some days I just cry because I want more relief, I wouldn't want to be on any other medication. Because the narcotics mask it for awhile but then more and more is needed and pain level increases.. That's what happened to me last. Morphine and percocets weren't enough after awhile and I started taking more and more, without doctors knowledge and then would not have enough for next appt. In last year and half taking suboxone the medication still works, though my RSD has got worse if I was taking anything else it would of not been working at all by now. Also for me the lyrica has been a big lifesaver. I have had some horrible side effects (weight gain 35 lbs, memory loss/ probs finding words, irritability.. Could be RSD too!, spaciness) BUT after stopping it for month and half switching to neurontin (which hated) I felt horrible without it. All my burning stabbing pains were back, harder to function, depressed (noticed that lyrica has stabilized my mood more.. I have serious depression probs) and felt I needed to restart it. Immediately it helped pains again. I was on much lower dose than am now. I was at 50-75 mg day. I have had to increase because my symptoms have increased so side effects are worse now. I also take cymbalta and that has helped too.. I also was diagnosed with lupus 4 months prior to RSD starting and it does help with pain. I also take calcium/vit D pills and I can tell when I forget them.. I hurt more! I am nurse, disabled and not working though :( , and always shied away from vitamins even though I knew I should take them.. But didn't until realized how much they helped. I also get vit b-12 shots because chronic anemia. Also take many more Med's for lupus too but those are main pain relief ones plus take antiinflammatory (naprosyn also called aleve or naproxen) Sorry if rambled here and if any spelling errors sorry.. My iPhone loves to autocorrect! I hope this helps! I know, for me, that 3 time day dose of suboxone is necessary. It is long acting but waiting for 12 hours between doses would be hard for me... I really hope you find relief that you are needing. What I take may not be perfect for you but it does help. My pm doctor has just prescribed me a compound cream with lidocaine and ketamine in it.. It should be ready within day or two.. It's taken months for him to research and agree to it. I hope it helps. I will be praying for you.. Jennifer

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