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Re: Rsd/crps
Apr 2, 2013
Be a friend and know your not alone that's all we can do is get support I wish that I never had surgery on my left foot things weren't this bad although I was getting injections with steroid from my pediatrist they helped for about a year and one day I went to the state fair with my wife and going back home we had to wait in line for a bus I passed out from the pain the next day I scheduled surgery for tarsal tunnel and my life hasn't been the same since within in 2weeks I got RSD my foot was swollen purple and ice cold like I've never felt my pain clinic started aggressively treating me with SGNBs every week for 6 months I couldn't take it any more my doctors said just hang in there we caught this early so you have a good chance of kicking this into remission but instead it traveled to my right foot and now I'm alternating one side to the other every other week this is very painfully sickening I've lost my business flipping homes my wife and I did 6or8 homes a year but I can't work for more than a hour then I'm done for the day because of the pain I'm on disability now and we kept several homes to rent out so we can get by but I fight pain every day 24/7 this has been I life changing experience we had a booming business with many employees and sub contractors I miss them all we lost our home to the bank but got it back thank god and had to sell our lake home that we had for over 20 years all this in a year and a half now all I do is go to the doctor and when I feel good I try to do stuff with family and friends but its like you said if I miss my medication I'm screwed it seams like no matter how much I try I mess things up with this monster RSD it ruins my fun time my wife feels helpless and so do I please keep in touch snowman2

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