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[QUOTE=jewlz67;5154532]I haven't had the stimulator for myself but my girlfriend also has RSD (she has been my lifesaver with this stupid disease!) and it worked for her for awhile but it seems like with this disease, nothing works permanently. So I have to ask, is your pain the deep aching pain, the nerve shots that feel like a lightening bolt going up your leg, or the sensitivity to touch...or all of the above? I get all of these but not all of them at the same time. I'm just wondering if you have the skin sensitivity all the time or on and off. I'm confused for myself on that one because I get the sensitivity but it doesn't stay that way all the time. Just wondering if you did or not.[/QUOTE]
I don't have the sensativity all the time it comes and goes , but I have this constant deep pain that is there all the time and I've been keeping track of my condition it's like I'm only good for a couple of hours and if I do more than that in lit up like a Christmas tree and them I get a flareup that last on average about 3 hours its this viscous cycle that I'm in and I can't get it to stop I've not been on board with the SCS because it may work or it may not but when I was talking to the rep one day while I was in recovery from my SGNB she said if it doesn't work you can have it removed that's the beet thing about the trial it's just temporarily put in if you like it then they go ahead and actually put the device in so I figured what have I got to lose . I can't walk like I said for more than a couple of hours or I suffer this is not a good situation for me I don't feel like I'm doing everything I can I hate this , I want to be able to walk and go out with my wife and do things so I'm going to at least do the trial of the SCS and see if it makes a differance . I'm only getting worse when I look back on what I've done things are not working anymore like they used to I went into a remission last year for about 4 months not totally I still had to watch myself and medicate but it was bearable now it's like nothing lasts anymore and I am retired now and want to try this seeing I have the time I would give anything to feel good and walk again I have to try this snowman2

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