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Re: Rsd/crps
Apr 10, 2013
Hi there
I was diagnosed in 2010 after a workplace injury 2009.Multiple fractures to my right foot which didn`t show up on xray. 4 months later Nuclear scan diagnosed RSD/CRPS. It has been horrendous. I have had 4 children and would prefer childbirth pain to the burning spasmodical cramping pain of RSD.
I have taken Pain killers, Lyrica, Endep, had a spinal block which worked for a short time. I felt the Lyrica helped me to gain some control with the pain but made me feel almost dyslexic at times.
I have constantly excersised my both feet together and creep my toes backwards and forwards, I also flip my feet up and down in the water (Spa, bath, pool) I do this excersise multiple times a day especially when I feel my foot starting to cramp. Sometimes it gets too bad and i have to stop.Shoes are a huge problem as unless they are very light i cannot put them on. The best I have found for the Winter is wearing bed socks that are very soft and my knee lenghth sheepskin boots (UGG boots) The major problem I have is that my foot gives way under me with no warning causing me to fall over. I am almost 60 years old and I am really sad for all of you young people who have been diagnosed with this horror. I believe that excersise is the best you can do, keep moving as they say if you don`t use it you lose it and my foot is less stiff when i keep moving it. Water therapy helps a lot. Walking is more difficult at times as my lower back has been diagnosed with lumbago this worsened after my last fall.
Medicine is improving all the time and I hope one day RSD/CRPS will be able to be pain controlled.
Hang in there and please don`t let this destroy your life

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