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Hi. My husband was diagnosed in 2003 witin Rsd in his foot ankle and it moved up his leg then to the other foot leg then to his hands then to his arms and even his face and head. It really makes me mad when physicians who think they know it all make foolish diagnose because they are just guessing or getting their info from the internet and too proud to say they don't know! It can spread to other limbs. Sometimes you can guard a limb from being touched because it hurts so bad but that doesnt mean you will guard the other limb unless it is hurting as well. Find another doctor if you can. One who knows what he is doing! My husband went through so many doctors (14) until he found one that was compassionate and really aware of Rsd and its dibilitating symptoms. I was at my wits end when I was going through this with my husband. It is sad that so many people are suffering at the hands of doctors who refuse to admit they don't know everything.

You are not alone! Your symptoms are real and it is unfortunate you already have to deal with the pain and other symptoms without someone making it so hard for you just to get through the day. If you cant walk or move then rest and excercise when you feel better. Dont push yourself too hard or you will pay for it the following day with severe stiffness or muscle fatigue. Just take one day at a time and manage your pain as best as you can! Love yourself and find a doc who cares. There is one out there for you! Dont get discouraged even if you are dealing with doctor DREAD! You will get better....promise. :)

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