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[QUOTE=Terlin;5169381]Can rsd cause whole body pain sensitve to clothes, tempeture body hurts where anything touches it presure in head burning numbness gastro problems difficulty breathing awkward movements and disorientated?[/QUOTE]

There is a new study out called "Systemic Complications of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome"
by Robert J. Schwartzman, M.D. Neuroscience & Medicine, doi:10.4236/nm.2012

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This article examines how CRPS affects the systems of: cognition; constitutional,
cardiac, and respiratory complications; systemic autonomic dysregulation; neurogenic edema; musculoskeletal, endocrine and dermatological manifestations; as well as urological and gastrointestinal function.

I am NOT a doctor, I like to research and I too have systemic CRPS symptoms including organ involvement, I would suggest you check out this and other research articles. There are so many aspects to CRPS, and doctors who have not kept up with current pain research simply don't know anything about it, reporting a lot of these symptoms to uninformed medical personal can tend to create a 'rolloing eye syndrome' in the uneducated so go to appointments armed with information to ;cure them of this temporary reverse Horner type syndrome.. lol if you get it, eh sory bad humor its my Canadian funny bone ;)

Please remember you are NOT alone.
_ Sandra

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