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Hi there,

I was diagnosed with RSD at age 25 after an injury to my left foot. It took me about a year to get a diagnosis. Unfortunately there are no real tests that will show this disease. The coldness was one of my first symptoms that occurred with the injury that told me something wasn't right. It sounds like there was no initial injury or trauma (such as a surgery or car accident) with your daughter, is that right? RSD most often occurs after trauma of some kind but there are a few cases of spontaneous RSD as well, although from what I can tell it is not at all common. Nerve pain of any origin can present in the same fashion and so it doesn't necessarily mean that your daughter has RSD. Although it's wonderful that you are aware of the possibility so soon in her onset of pain.

I live in the west but I am originally from outside of Philadelphia. I wound up flying to Philly to see a long term RSD specialist there named Dr. Schwartzman. He is very specialized and only does ketamine infusions. I flew out to do a two week long outpatient infusion and had some good success with the treatment - I would've possibly had better results had I been diagnosed sooner and been able to start that treatment sooner. But that may be an option for your daughter.

Unfortunately diagnosis is challenging with RSD and I wish you guys a lot of luck. When caught early nerve blocks can be a really good chance of sending it into remission. And it might take a series of them.

Breathe Well,

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