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Re: Is it RSD?
Jun 28, 2013
I'm so sorry you have been going through all of this. Unfortunately, this drawn out, "no, you'll be just fine if you do X" statement from many health care providers is far too typical. Remember, you know your body, so listen to it - it sounds like you already feel that you have RSD, but want to be sure, and are looking for a doctor to verify what your body is already telling you.

As for my pain, I most always have a deep ache, which spikes to a hot, searing knife-type pain that lasts for hours (or until the meds help). Like you, I also have burning in my foot - sometimes it hits both of my feet. I keep several ice-packs in the freezer (I use old jeans to make denim freezable-or-microwaveable bags which I fill with Flax). The Flax won't mildew, and holds the cold nicely- but with the denim cover, it isn't quite as cold on the skin as a regular ice-pack. (They are also GREAT for moist heat in winter!) I put these on my feet, or I use a cooling foot lotion. I too have started to have the pain and weakness down my entire arm, and tremors in both hands, especially if I have been using my hands for a bit. I'm not sure if I've hit full body RSD, but I do know mine is spreading.

[B]!!! IMPORTANT !!![/B]
My Anesthesiologist (she's a specialist doctor who works in the chronic pain clinic) stressed that it is imperative that I have a spinal block IN ADDITION to the planed surgery pain control plans. (I'll be having a knee replacement when I get the extra weight back off.) She said this can help prevent RSD from getting worse due to the surgery. It is important to remember that ANY medical treatment - all the way down to rough handling of a limb during an exam, or even a simple shot - can flair your RSD, and make it worse, or even cause it to spread.

I wanted to share this tip with you, in the hopes that your surgical team may be willing to take this precaution.

OH!!! In case we haven't suggested this yet, PLEASE get checked out by a Chronic Pain Clinic/Doctor. There are still some who aren't great, but so far I've found that they truely understand serious pain, and can work with your other doctors to treat the injury, while being careful not to further agravate the limb. Good luck, and I hope that maybe something I said will help you.

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