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[QUOTE=snowman2;5218196]I saw on one of my posts that jewlz asked you about wearing a boot I don't know if you responded but in the beginning my pediatrist had me where a boot it's was very big and heavy and there was a pump so I could put air in it but it didn't help he would inject steroid into my left foot I did this 3 times then he said I need corrective surgery on my tendon 2 weeks later when I was in recovery I developed RSD they had me on crutches for many months and I had to learn how to walk again I did 3 months of pt and was aggressively treating the RSD every 5 days for 6 months they would give me SGNBs as they thought they caught it early enough and I had a good chance to kick it into remission or even get rid of it while being in crutches so long I injured my right foot the doctors said it was Perenial tendinitis so he put a boot on that foot and then the RSD spread to that foot I'm not saying that the boot had anything to do with getting RSD but my wife and I knew that if I was to injure myself that it could spread and my wife begged them to get me a wheelchair instead of crutches but they said no that I need to walk but keep in mind I'm trying to heel from surgery in the left foot and also have an injury in my right foot and wearing a boot and using crutches so if you have any signs or symptoms in your other foot be aware for its quit common for RSD/ CRPS to travel to your other foot[/QUOTE]

Hi Snowman,
I was asking about the boot because I wasn't sure if anyone was using those to help you walk. It terrifies me to have to end up using a scooter so I use my cane and just suck it up. I hate wearing shoes! Even my light sandals that just slip on hurt. When I had to wear a brace, I had to use a Lidocaine patch with it because where the brace ended, it would rub on my leg and that would cause tremendous pain! I quit wearing the brace for that reason. That's why I was asking about the boot because I have read on here how a lot of people use them. Just curious.

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