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Couple things, I have badly bruised my knee before and it is very painful. I was on crutches for about three or four weeks. I do have RSD, started out mild but has gotten worse. I had physical therapy and didnt know, at the time, that ice was bad...even though the therapists all knew that I had RSD. It's not necessarily that the ice will cause pain, it's just that it will make it spread, although it can be painful to people. The tingling feeling and the shots of pain going through his foot could go with RSD. Even though there is always pain with RSD, you actually do get used to it. I get flare ups that makes the pain more intense though. Does he have any temperature changes from one foot to the other or does one foot get redder (or bluer) than the other foot? Again, it doesnt have to stay at a constant. Sensitivity to touch, if it's a mild case, isnt as bad as it is when it progresses.

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