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I was supposed to have surgery on my ankle, the same site where my RSD started. My pain management doctor and my orthopedic doctor worked together with this. My pain management doctor did a sympathetic lumbar nerve block for the lower limbs and then told my orthopedic doctor when the optimal time for doing the surgery would be as well as having him do a nerve block when doing the surgery. I just watched something last night that the doctor had said to let the anesthesiologist know that you have RSD and to use ketamine. Apparently that is what they prefer to use. Hope this helps. Sorry for the delay, just saw your post. Hopefully I'm not replying to late.
Hi. I understand your concern. Depend ing on how bad your tear is, if it is tolerable or not I think is the issue. If you are in bad shape, I would take the chance of doing the surgery. You can always do an upper nerve block or bier block prior to the surgery, or part of the surgery to shut down the abnormal sympathetic firing.
Another block you can do on your own, an anesthologist can teach you, is using 4 % liquid lidocaine and a 6 in 1 sided cutip, you go down the sinus cavity and let the lidocaine sit on the ganglion nerve bundle for 10 minutes prior to being put under for the surgery.
I am facing possible surgery on a herniated disc in my neck and then my lumbar from a car accident being rear ended badly. I just had my RSD under control. Sure doesn't seem fair.

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