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Hello.. Sorry it has been so long. I wanted to give an update about the ketamine infusions. I received my 4th ketamine infusion about two weeks ago. The 1st one lasted about 2 weeks, the 2nd lasted about 3 weeks, the 3rd did not work, but this 4th one seems to have hit the spot. A lot of this has been trying to find the right dose for me, which is why the 3rd one did not work. Even though 2-3 weeks doesn't seem like a long time, as all of you know every day counts when you are dealing with RSD. After each infusion I have been able to come off all of my pain medication.
I know ketamine sounds scary but I highly recommend everyone doing a little bit of research on it. I have dealt with this chronic pain for a long time and it was getting to the point where I thought my nursing career was going to be over when it was just starting. But this new treatment has given me a glimpse of hope that this terrible disease will not rule my life..
I am so happy for you! It seems like the ketamine is finally starting to be seen as a helpful treatment for RSD/CRPS. I know the nurses I've talked to while having mine have said they don't know very many places that do it. So I am glad to hear that someplace out west is jumping on board! My doctor has had a lot of success with treating patients with the ketamine. He is not like a lot of pain docs that just push narcotics on you.. I truly believe he really has the desire and passion to find a treatment for us without a bunch of pills.
I had my 5th ketamine infusion last week. We also did a nerve block at the same time. I am the 2nd patient he has tried this on, he is hoping they will have a synergistic effect making the ketamine last longer for me. The ketamine has not been perfect for me or been everything I hoped it would be. But I still gives me hope. When the ketamine is working I can live my life better (if that makes sense).
I can't wait to hear how it does for you!

Marching on,
We're you able to talk to your pain dr about ketamine? I was on lyrica a long time ago but it didn't seem to help very much. I understand what you mean about distressing. I have always wanted to be an OR nurse. (I know the irony, right!) I am months from graduating with my BSN and the thought of not being able to be in the hospital has brought me to tears more than once. I hope you are getting some better news!


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