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[QUOTE=Bratette19;5244023]I am still having issues, I did not go into remission like we all hoped but I am doing better. I went from being able to stand 5 minutes to 30. My pain level dropped about 2 numbers. So I have had improvements.

The recovery time they say is 6-8 weeks. You are not suppose to reach, bend, stretch so you do not move your lead.

Warning: they say you can never drive with one on.i either have to keep mine on, or take medicine I can not drive, so I have drove 2 miles to and from my I laws since June. They never told me this, until afterwards.[/QUOTE]
How long have you had RSD / CRPS ? How long has it taken you to recover from the SCS? And why do you have to shut the device off when driving ?

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