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Re: Exercise
Jan 17, 2014
[QUOTE=dp76;5257456]I do a lot of the streching and use my body as resistance. I guess I am just expecting too much. It took me years to build it all in the first place. Im glad to know that I am on the right track with the stretching though. I am 37 and I know that my age is against me. It all revovles around my frustration with how active I used to be. My legs were very strong from years of running and walking. After being laid up I have sticks left! lol As you can tel patients is not my strong suit! I will keep up with what I am doing.... it has increased my flexibility! Thank you for making me feel a little better about it. How did you so quickly get your RSD under control?[/QUOTE]

Hi dp!

You're welcome! I'm glad to help! It makes ME feel better. LOL

How are you doing now? Are you being patient with yourself? are you seeing some improvement? I truly can empathize. I know the frustration of stick legs! I believe with perseverance that you can get your strength back. Just be kind to yourself in the process and love your body. It will respond to your efforts.

Before a youthful accident I had power legs, was even nick-named Legs. I loved to run and move fast. Now due to my knees, I love to garden, but can no longer even dig. I am grateful that I can still walk. I know about the anxiety to heal and get back what was lost. It didn't come natural to me, I had to learn to be patient with myself. I have pushed myself way too hard most of my life, and have not been at all patient until these last fractures. It's important to allow time for the healing process. I have to tell myself this is a normal process of life "so just allow for it".

The RSD scared the heck out of me because symptoms can become really, really severe. I have seen it happen to other people. When I got RSD I researched and made a plan.

The most important part of healing from RSD, from what I read was to make myself quiet down about it and relax. To help myself relax I stopped dwelling on 'what-ifs', and concentrated on health and healing. I took supplements and vitamins that are known to feed & calm the nerves to help quiet my anxiety. Another thing I did was get off the narcotic I was given for pain after the surgery as fast as possible since it negatively impacted my nerves making me feel strung out. I didn't take the drug more than two weeks. To feed my nerves, I took magnesium citrate, vitamin B 50 complex, & turmeric for inflammation.

The first RSD I got began along the broken wrist and affected the thumb area. I couldn't stand fabric or even air to touch the RSD affected skin, but had to protect it from anything brushing against it. I bought some of the softest fuzzy slipper socks I could find and cut the toe out and a slit in the heel to accommodate my thumb and kept that on my hand and wrist for months. I gently and frequently stroked pure almond oil into the affected skin to soothe and calm it. I chose almond oil as it is one of the only oils that has a small enough molecule to enter the skin. Jojoba also has a small enough molecule but I didn't want that scent. The RSD skin became hydrated and for me that made all the difference. I kept the skin protected till it healed.

Then when RSD began on my foot with the broken ankle , I insisted the cast come off as soon as possible and treated the RSD affected skin the same as my wrist. The skin calmed down and healed pretty quickly. Instead of a cast I used a laced splint so I could open it and let air on my skin which meant I had to stay off my feet to avoid an accidental injury. I used the ankle brace and a wheel chair for several weeks, and the RSD affected skin did heal. Thank God!

So are you up and around? where are you at in your recovery?
Hope to hear from you. I will check back more often.

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