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Flare ups & meds
Mar 19, 2014
First of all let me say I have been a member of this wonderful board for many yrs but thanks to this disease we all share I don't have the focus to read long & my pain level to keep me on long. I have battled with CRPS for 11 yrs too long of my life. I won't drag this out too long with boring details that most of us are battling with so I will get to the point.. I was on cymbalta & ultram along w topiramate like most of you have taken I'm sure. My flare up we're pretty calm nothing I couldn't deal with. Then I had to get a new pain management dr & he took me off the cymbalta & ultram (saying they not good for the heart)& put me on I am having the worst flare ups I have dealt with in my face & legs. I do work ( with the elderly ) sometimes I just want to scream I can't of has any one else dealt with the med change over? It took my first dr a long time to get my med combo right & my pain under control now this new dr has it all wracked out. It's been 3 months w the lyrica. I will give it time to kick in I just don't know how a long my sanity will stand the facial pain. I feel like I have a bad sunburn & I've stuck my face in the oven!! Thanks

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